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Magic Moments

"Souey slaughters the butcher (1983/84)" by Darren Grady

May 07 2014 09:45 AM | tlw content in Magic Moments

I was on the Kop the night we played Dynamo Bucharest in the 83-84 European Cup  Semi Final, 1st leg and seeing as this was a vital game, nerves were a little on edge, especially as we did not want to concede a goal at home. Bucharest had a b...

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"Sinking the Mancs at Old Trafford (1971-72)" by Frank Dacey

Apr 02 2014 11:53 AM | tlw content in Magic Moments

In 1972 the Reds were playing catch-up in the title race. A dreadful spell over Christmas and New Year had seen us fail to score in five consecutive league games to leave us 10th in the table. Then the goals started flowing as the Reds began a run of 1...

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"Robbie against Alaves (2000-01)" by Dave Usher

Mar 19 2014 09:30 AM | tlw content in Magic Moments

The UEFA Cup Final against Alaves will go down as one of the most thrilling European finals in history. The Reds had raced into a 3-1 lead at half time against the unfancied Spanish side, thanks to goals from Markus Babbel, Steven Gerrard and a Gary Mc...

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"Clough shines on Flag Night (1993-94)" by John Gallagher

Mar 13 2014 10:03 AM | tlw content in Magic Moments

Liverpool were struggling in the final throes of the turbulent reign of Graeme Souness. Manchester United were the reigning champions, runaway leaders, on the brink of winning the double and were about to change the landscape of English football for th...

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"The first of the many (1975-76)" by Frank Dacey

Mar 11 2014 11:22 PM | tlw content in Magic Moments

Bob Paisley’s career was so successful that it seems odd that he can ever have been doubted. Yet that was the case when his first season ended without a trophy, after the Reds had won three in the previous two seasons. If Bob was going to prove that he...

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"Bionic Carrot sinks the Blues (1975-76)" by Frank Dacey

Mar 04 2014 11:50 AM | tlw content in Magic Moments

Mention David Fairclough goals at Anfield and most minds will think of the crucial goal against St Etienne in 1977, but without this goal against the Blues he would not have been able to score that one against the Greens.The title race in 1976 was hard...

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"Alf Arrowsmith! (1963-64)" by Frank Dacey

Feb 20 2014 09:00 AM | tlw content in Magic Moments

A poster outside a church in Liverpool posed the question, ‘What would you do if Christ came to Liverpool today?’ Underneath, someone scrawled the reply, ‘Move St John to inside left and play him at centre-forward’. When Bill Shankly had to face the qu...

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"Hunt loses his rag (1968-69)" by Frank Dacey

Feb 19 2014 09:10 PM | tlw content in Magic Moments

Not really a ‘Magic Moment’ this one, but it was certainly a memorable one. Drawing Leicester in the FA Cup in the 60s left Liverpool fans feeling like a vampire looking at a bottle of holy water; nervously worried about an upset. So when the 5th round...

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"The opening of Old Trafford (1909-10)" by Steve Horton

Feb 13 2014 09:33 AM | tlw content in Magic Moments

Midway through 1909-10 the Mancs abandoned their old Clayton ground because the pitch was a quagmire and smoke from neighbouring chimneys often obscured the spectators' view.  They moved to a futuristic arena at Old Trafford, but their opening par...

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"Gary Mac at the Pit (2000-01)" by Dave Usher

Feb 12 2014 10:30 AM | tlw content in Magic Moments

The 2001 treble year is memorable for many things. Michael Owen's doubles in Cardiff and Rome, Jamie Carragher's winning penalty in the shoot out win over Birmingham, and the incredible night in Dortmund all immediately spring to mind. But the mom...

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"4-0 up inside 12 minutes (1968-69)" by Frank Dacey

Feb 11 2014 12:35 PM | tlw content in Magic Moments

Following the weekend destruction of Arsenal, many fans wondered “when was the last time Liverpool scored four goals in the opening 20 minutes of the game?” The Reds went one better, or rather eight minutes better on 21st September 1968 when a shell-sh...

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"The first of 18 (1900-01)" by Steve Horton

Dec 19 2013 05:00 PM | tlw content in Magic Moments

This win at The Hawthorns clinched Liverpool's first ever league championship, less than ten years after the club was formed. Manager Tom Watson knew what it took to be successful, having earlier led Sunderland to three titles. And it was a 1-0 wi...

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"Walsh sinks former club (1985-86)" by Dave Usher

Dec 17 2013 01:55 PM | tlw content in Magic Moments

When Luton Town visited Anfield on October 26th 1985, Paul Walsh was on the transfer list after failing to secure a regular starting place with the reds following a £750,000 move from the Kenilworth Road club a little over a year earlier. Walsh ha...

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"Ending the drought (1972-73)" by Frank Dacey

Dec 13 2013 02:30 PM | tlw content in Magic Moments

by Frank DaceyBy the early 1970s Liverpool fans were getting concerned about a trophy drought that had lasted since 1966. The History of the club showed a pattern of feast followed by famine (two titles in the first decade of the century, two in the 20...

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"Waddle breaks his duck (1973/74)" by Frank Dacey

Dec 09 2013 03:25 PM | tlw content in Magic Moments

Think of the name Waddle in a footballing context and you think of Chris of Newcastle, Tottenham and inability to say the word ‘penalty’ properly fame. But Alan, his cousin, was a Liverpool signing from Halifax in June 1973. It would be interesting to...

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"Jennings guards the net (1972-73)" by Frank Dacey

Nov 28 2013 07:00 PM | tlw content in Magic Moments

When I was a kid I used to read a comic called the Victor and in between stories about Alf Tupper and Matt Braddock, I remember a story about a Roman warrior called Horatius who defended a bridge into Rome against an invading army and overwhelming odds...

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"Breaking the hoodoo (1964-65)" by Frank Dacey

Nov 26 2013 06:30 PM | tlw content in Magic Moments

For a club of its stature, Liverpool’s FA cup record is nothing spectacular (the same number of wins as Aston Villa) but it’s a hell of a lot better than it was in the early 60s, when I started to follow the Reds. Then we’d reached two cup finals and l...

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"The Heroes of Munich (1980-81)" by Kurt Henriksen

Nov 21 2013 06:30 PM | tlw content in Magic Moments

The 1980/81 season saw Liverpool battling to overcome injuries and ultimately struggle with their league form. In Europe, however, it was business as usual and come April they were ready to face Bayern Munich in the semi final of the European Cup. The...

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"Beating Burnley (1962-63)" by Frank Dacey

Nov 20 2013 06:40 PM | tlw content in Magic Moments

It’s hard to remember now but Burnley were once a power in the land. They were League Champions in 1960 and came close to doing the double in 1962. So when the Reds were drawn away to them in the FA Cup 4th Round it was widely regarded as one of the mo...

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"St John's Debut (1960-61)" by Steve Horton

Nov 19 2013 06:31 PM | tlw content in Magic Moments

We may have lost this game 4-3 but all the talk on the night was of the amazing debut by Liverpool’s new record signing. At last it was felt that a player had arrived who was capable of taking us out of the 2nd Division. Once again we had narrowly...

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