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What Is A Frontpage?

IP.Content 2.0 uses the term "frontpage" to refer to both the homepage of the Articles module, and the landing page of each individual category. We have introduced this new navigational structure to better allow you to showcase content, while presenting it in a standardized format that your users will be able to understand and jump into without assistance.

Firstly, you will now be able to define "frontpage" templates in the ACP for the Articles module. IP.Content will ship with 3 defaults:
  • 1x2x2 Layout
    This layout will display articles in a traditional "news" style layout.
  • Blog format
    This format will display articles in a blog-style format.
  • Single column
    This layout will force articles to display in a single column, one per row.
You can use one or more of these frontpage layouts, or you can create your own. Experiment with displaying articles in different formats on your homepage to determine which layout your users like best.

Articles must be set to "Show on front page" in order for them to display on the homepage frontpage.

In addition to the homepage frontpage, each category has it's own frontpage. The category frontpage functions identically to the homepage frontpage, except for two important factors:
  • Only records from within that category (and it's subcategories) will be displayed
  • The "Show on front page" setting is not honored for the category frontpage
You will be able to easily review and manage the articles set to display on the frontpage from a new section of the ACP labeled "Frontpage Manager". We feel that this new area of the articles section will help showcase important articles and increase user interaction with your articles section.
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Originally posted by david w
just wanted to be the first one to post a football topic on the new football forum

What an honour!


    • 1
You sod David,

I posted something earlier on here but it wasn't football related so it got moved.

Should have added our number 8 is SH*T.
    • 0
just tried to add it, but it wouldnt let me. Can only edit up to ten minutes after post has been posted.

Shame that .tv editer didnt post them posts on here then!!

Our number 8 is sh*t
    • 0
David, I understand (and share) your frustration, but what do you expect? You always seem a bit suprised every time you post about the inequities of the ticket office. It's bollocks, mate. Always has been; always will be.
    • 0
i expected them to at least let those who went to the blackburn game apply for tickets before the madness of a general sale. Common sense some might say.

However, your right, i should not be suprised that this is not the case
    • 0
Can't see you having any problems getting tickets for the game-I'd be very surprised if it is a sell-out!
    • 0
Yeah you could stroll up at 7.45pm on the night and get a ticket for this one.
    • 0
General sale for Steau and Southampton goes on sale tomorrow.

That will be fucking choas!
    • 0
Nov 19 2003 04:10 PM
Tis a bit bent that Blackburn stub holders cant get a ticket yet. Last season to apply for the Villa game you needed stubs from Southampton & Ipswich. Should be the same this year, but you won't have any problems at all getting a ticket.
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